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Shlinky was, and is, a structural part of my business. They have covered a lot of design projects for me from website to promotional items and each time they have been perfect. They actually care about the result as much as i do, they spent time discussing exactly what i wanted, what i was hoping to achieve and then they put it all into practise and i was so pleased with the results. Thank you Shlinky!

Lisa Pannet, Business Owner.

Web Design (Brochure)- Web Design (eCommerce) - Logo Creation - Search Engine Optimisation - Hosting - Domian Name Registration - Graphic Design - On-Line and Off-Line Marketing Tools - Bespoke Application Development ... and a lot more.


We have a wealth of experience in all aspects of IT design, ranging from websites, eCommerce websites, logo and graphic design as well as web and desktop based applications

Shlinky was born due to the amount of requests we had from existing customers for website and logo design, as we gained recognition for the work we produced it became evident that success was breeding success

With a rapidly increasing portfolio of more than satisfied clients we are pleased to offer a totally bespoke service where you, the customer, are our priority. We have the ability, skill and knowledge to offer the level of service you require, yet we are small enough to care about every single aspect of your project.


He has a wealth of knowledge and expertise under his belt, having spent many years in the IT business there is little, if anything, that he hasnt experienced. His eCommerce knowledge is revered among his peers and he is held in very high regard by all of his clients, some of which owe their whole eCommerce success to him. His in-depth knowledge is fuelled by the desire to succeed in everything that he does and his opinions count.


His years of sales and marketing experience ensure that he understands a customers needs and will work with you to the point that you will feel his is feel part of your team. Your success is his success and he knows that Shlinky's reputation is on the line. He will use his knowledge and background to give you his recommendations and with the support of the whole Shlinky team he will give you the best there is to offer.


These men and women are at the very top of their game, their razor-sharp creative minds will bring you websites, logo's, brochures and other designs that you will marvel at. These people are creative, innovative, fresh and exciting, they will give you what you want and then some! These are not your usual collection of designers, these are hand-picked because they are what Shlinky desires - the VERY best.


Our CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) man is a legend! What he doesnt know about coding just isnt worth knowing, we are sometimes amazed that he doesnt actually speak in CSS code. His job is to take the design and 'translate' it into a language the computer understands, and he does it perfectly with every single detail taken care of.


Our walking Google knowledge-base can get you up the charts quicker than The Beatles ever did. He chooses his words carefully because he knows that every word counts, he will give you a 'heads-up' on your headings and give you his opinion on optimising your website. In short, this fella is able to get you noticed.


Without our hard-working administration staff we wouldnt be here. They ensure that things run smoother than Silky the silkworm's favourite silk pyjamas, and thats smooooth! We hate paperwork, we'd rather be creating websites and logo's for you so this department are worth their weight in gold as they take all the jobs that we hate and get them done. Yup, we think they are brilliant!