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At Shlinky we are not just a design company, we have many strings to our bow! When running any IT based business it is crucial that you have all the tools to do the job, we have experienced this ourselves hence why we offer many other services other than what you expect.

From a registration of a domain name to orchestrating a full social marketing campaign Shlinky can assist you in all aspects of making your business even more slick and professional than it already is.


We have successfully acquired hundreds, if not thousands, of domain names for our clients. This ensures your business has a profile and identity in the vastness of cyber-space, it also makes sure you are portraying a professional image to your customers as no-one wants to do business with a nobody!

With the many 'dot extensions' available it can be a time consuming job trying to track down your preferred domain name, and often it is already taken or reserved. We can take the legwork out of the process for you by identifying and securing them for you, we then register the domain name in YOUR NAME to give you peace of mind, many companies retain the rights under their name so you never really own it.

Costs vary for this service as the market costs for domain names fluctuates, however we will always make sure the cost for this service is always representative of value and we even remind you of your yearly renewal requirement.

If you require a domain name to be found and registered then contact us with your requirements and let us quote you on your requirement.


Do you know where your website 'lives'? Many businesses are unaware who hosts their website for them, how secure it is or even how to contact the company.

Whether you require a standard brochure website hosted or a full eCommerce site Shlinky is able to offer you security and peace of mind by hosting your web requirements on our unlimited bandwidth servers.

With many companies 'farming out' their hosting we give you the option to host your website with us for only £50 per annum, that's less than £1 per week. We will take care of transferring any existing hosting to our servers totally free of charge so if you are taking advantage of any of our other services then it makes sense to combine our hosting offering into your package.

Please contact us if you would like Shlinky to host your website.


Many people make the mistake of thinking a great website will automatically attract traffic; sadly this is not the case. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plays a major role in ensuring visitors are directed to your site.

There a many levels of depth to SEO that can help your website climb the search engine rankings…keyword density, heading analysis, text and image relevance and much, much more. Because of this SEO can be an expensive business and you can spend a lot of money getting your desired ranking on search engines.

We at Shlinky have a great deal of experience and understanding on how to achieve SEO results and we would be happy to discuss your requirements, so if you would like us to SEO your website then contact us