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If you have got this far into our website then it looks like you have a serious interest in Shlinky, either that or you are one of our competitors sneaking a peek at our work...shame on you!

On this page we have taken a selection of comments from some of our clients from small businesses to large multi-nationals. We appreciate the feedback that we get from every project we undertake and hope that sometime in the future you will be equally pleased to submit a testimonail as a reference for our future clients.

We hope you feel that we can bring the WOW Factor to the design needs of your business and if your ready to take the next steps towards your perfect online presence then click here to contact us and tell us a little about your requirements and we'll happily discuss any questions you may have.

"We needed a logo that would be instantly recognisable across the various industries that we operate. We wanted it to reflect the outgoing and daring nature of our name and business and are so pleased with the results that Shlinky gave us. They understood what we were looking for and produced a logo that we believe is equal if not better than other sports brands. The logo has been used on all of our products, from hockey sticks to snowboards and all our customers comment on the logo and its ability to be displayed upside down! We can't wait till we bring out our range of clothing and believe that the brand will certainly sell the articles by themselves."


"We used shlinky for a range of services as from the very start they took an active interest in what we wanted to achieve as a company. Not only did they listen to our requirements but also asked questions that opened up new streams of revenue for my company. Shlinky look after my public site and they wrote and maintain our back office admin portal (which is used by 10+ staff all day every day). If anything goes wrong shlinky are only a phone call away and sort out our issues without hesitation. We receive regular visits from the guys at shlinky and every time we get together we end up coming up with a plan to drive next stage of our business. Shlinky have been instrumental in the growth of my business especially through the hard times we have experience lately. I know very little about the web and hosting but I do know people that do!"