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We believe in our clients being treated on an individual basis, thats why we offer a bespoke service. We conceive, design and create accordingly, whether they require a small logo or a full eCommerce website. At Shlinky we realise that your success reflects on our business.

We do not offer an off the shelf solution as every client has different needs, because we understand this we are able to create designs that will be tailored specifically to you and your projects requirements. This ensures we give you the tools to engage your customers and potential clients to the best of your ability.

We have a vast number of years experience in all aspects of the web from creative website design to fully database-driven websites. Because of this experience you are assured of a structured and committed approach to your project.

Here we show a selection of our services, take the time to look into what we offer as we feel we go further than most to ensure your requirements are exceeded


What's the big deal about a logo? It's a HUGE deal, your logo is everywhere. Its on your website, it's on your stationary, its on your business cards, its on your...its everywhere OK! Your logo is seen by your customers more than you realise and it is synonymous with your company, so why not make sure your logo design is up there with the best of them.



With over 30 million adults accessing the internet every day in the UK it means that your website is hugely important and it is there to serve a purpose, whether that purpose be a brochure website to showcase your company or an eCommerce website to generate maximum revenue. Each type, style and requirement has different needs and we recognise that fact, that is why we create outstanding websites to entice more of the 30 million people per day towards your business.

Remember, your website is, in effect, your shop window and a poorly displayed shop window will not attract clientele. It also says a lot about your business too, your customers make a lasting assumption about your company based on its website so don't undersell yourself with a cheap, poorly designed site.



Whether it be domain name registration, hosting your website or Search Engine Optimisation then Shlinky has the solutions right here, right now. We are not just a design business, we can offer you the support that you need to give you the edge in the marketplace.

At Shlinky we can also create online marketing strategies, social marketing, bespoke application development and much more with each of our services are tailor-made to your requirements.



With the vast resource of design expertise that Shlinky has to offer we have the creative edge with design requirements. Whatever you need for your business then Shlinky can encompass your idea and make it a reality, everything from a promotional sticker to a full trade stand and everything in between.

So if you are searching for the perfect design to show off your company, whether it be a leaflet, brochure, poster, advertising campaign, promotional materials or anything that requires a bespoke, existing design then you will want to talk to us.